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Access To MySQL Data Migration Tool

Access-MySQL Wizard is a powerful tool that can convert any Access database to MySQL and vice versa
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19 January 2009

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In every area of development, there are few improvements that are very much essential and important but there seems to be something that is stopping its growth and development. Mainly, in the area related to technology and various software platforms there are need of few modifications to accomplish more things at one go, however, even though such points have been highlighted by critics and users, yet some developers have failed to implement on them. But, the story of failure can not go for long and yes improvements can be seen and expected in the future. For example, a missing feature of MySQL converter was lack of support for conversion of Table equations. However, with Access to MySQL Migration Tool 3.1 this is not a missing feature anymore.

This is an automation tool capable of converting Access database into MySQL and similarly MySQL into Access database. The most prominent features of this tool are - it extends support to all available version of Microsoft Access and also MySQL’s different versions. It completely supports conversion of indexes, composition of primary keys, auto field incrementation and so on. The user is free to convert only those tables as well as fields which he selects. Access to MySQL Data Migration Tool 3.1 is also capable of supporting local as well as remote connectivity to MySQL server. There is also support to command line and so on and so forth. If we keep on going then there are many more features which will not only impress everyone but also few will be surprised. The software has also features such as a new Task Manager function which empowers the user for managing saved conversion and any other tasks related to it.

Access to MySQL Data Migration Tool 3.1 is a single program that can solve any issue related to Access database and MySQL. It is a three star rated program which can solve multiple complications faced by the user.

Publisher's description

Access-MySQL is an automation tool that can convert any Access database to MySQL and vice versa ,it supports converting Table Relationships, the very essential feature that has always been missing in MySQL Converters world.
Main features
-Supports MS Access 97,2000,XP, 2003,2007 and MySQL 3.x, 4.x and 5.x.
-All common MySQL and Access data types and field attributes are supported
-Full support for converting indexes, Auto increment fields, composite primary keys and Constraints.
-Support converting table relationships.
-The ability to select only the tables & fields which you want convert.
-You can choose which records to convert through custom data filetrs. New
-Supports both local and remote connections to MySQL server.
-Support convert all white spaces or any special characters you choose in MS Access Database tables or field names to underscores "_" or any other character (s), for example, Automatically convert "Order Details" table to "Order_Details".
-Command line support.
-Support for scheduling conversion tasks to be performed automatically.
-Support for Synchronization, Adding new records or fields if any to the target table, Access to MySQL only. Also support updating the same record values.
-New Support for saving MySQL connection data so you don't have to enter them each time you run the wizard.
-Support changing all field names case to UPPER, lower or Capitalize first letter only
-Support for converting NULL values to "Zeros" for numeric fields and to Empty string "" for string fields.
-Support to control how the data type for Access "datetime" fields are handled for each table, Convert it to Date, DateTime, Time or Year.
-Support to choose whether to convert Indexes or not.
-Support to choose target table type for MySQL. MyISAM, InnoDB, Heep, ISAM or BDB.
-Introduces a new feature called Task Manager to enable you to manage your saved conversion tasks
Access To MySQL Data Migration Tool
Access To MySQL Data Migration Tool
Version 3.1
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